581841_10201346658581733_1090695837_nBy Issa Garcia

I once had a sleepless night (well, I’m kind of insomniac), thinking if I would be able to finish all of my requirements, and I saw this while browsing on the pictures at Instagram.

images Then thoughts flooded my mind. I remembered someone saying…

“Oh that small mean girl thinks that she’s so pretty and smart, effin’ irritates me.”

“She thinks that everybody’s afraid of her ‘coz no one ever ‘said no’ to what she is saying”

“So she thinks that she’s so funny and loved because she’s got those plastic friends, pity.”

“Good think you’re not close, because I don’t like her.”

And I can say is that, “What have I done to you? Why?”

Since high school, and even when I am elementary, I knew that I’m a person who has a strong personality; strong, emotionally. I can handle heartaches, heartbreaks, family problems, misunderstandings with neither my studies nor my other activities being affected. Just like what the famous saying says, “Mind over matter.” I don’t mind, and that doesn’t matter. At times, I also enjoy being alone, but I do enjoy the company of my friends as well. I can easily cope up because I can always go with the flow.

Some of the persons I know said that…

“You are fun to be with.” –Jino Garcia, my youngest brother.

I describe Issay as a very fearless girl. She’s been through a lot of heart aches, down falls, and people said bad things about her; and no matter how painful they may, she manages to handle it just fine. I think that’s the best description for her.” –AJ Rafol


Looks like a girl but a woman in heart. Even though you look vulnerable, you’re a strong girl.” –Jema Bueno


Beautiful, intelligent and very out-going person.” –Juve Amodente


Issa hmmm… Base sa pagkakakilala ko sayo nung classmate pa kita, minsan lang kita makausap. Someone you can talk to in times of troubles, darkest hour of your life, and can be a friend when you need one. Based on my observations, you’re makulit, jolly person, and full of kakikayan sa buhay. Icing semester lang tayo nagkasama, but i think that’s enough to know you. God Bless, Issa!” –Kris Samaniego


“Very friendly and kind… Easy to get along with. Really smart, I’m amaze about how you write articles, which I wish I can also. A really strong and brave girl, hindi nagpapatalo, lalo na pag alam mong tama ka. A girl who would love to listen to your stories no matter what, yung parang hindi siya magsasawang makinig, tsaka hindi nang-iiwan. A beauty and brain girl, pero martyr sa love. (Kahit wag mo na isama. HAHAHA!)” –Eunice Bartolome


“I think you’re very sweet, yan unang pumapasok sa isip ko pag tungkol sayo.” –Leigh Acosta


“Basta mabait, matalino, masunurin, may takot sa Diyos, masinop, masikap, mapagkumbaba, maalalahanin, maligalig, mataray.”- Royette Ricafrente


“You are a very caring person.” –Keisha Tirado


“You were once a cute and smart little girl I know way back in high school. You had this bubbly and friendly aura that made me feel comfortable of being friends with you. I can still remember having fun conversations with you before. Now that you’ve grown like a lady, I can feel that you still possessed all those things I’ve previously mentioned. The only difference is that, I bet you’ve matured and have a better outlook when it comes to different matters in life.” –Mitch Dabu

Awwwwww. Thank you, friends, I feel so loved. J *kilig*

I am a type of person that we can be close even at first meeting. I have never felt ‘out of place’ in my nineteen years of existence. I can easily get along with anybody. Why others judge us without really knowing us? Why not focus on themselves rather than gossiping and making fun or others?

Gossip has long been considered a normal part of a teenager’s life. At its best, gossip may only be one person passing on personal information about someone else. But at its worst, gossip can be a malicious form of slander and accusation that can injure a teen’s self-esteem. With the advent of the Internet and cell phones, gossip has become far more socially and emotionally damaging for many teens. (Retrieved from, http://everydaylife.globalpost.com/gossip-affects-teens-8112.html)

There are factors why other people judge or gossip us, here are some:

  1. They have low self-esteem.

Teens who gossip often suffer from low self-esteem, and put others down in an attempt to boost their selves up. They are envious of other person that is why they focus on the things that they are not good at and tell others so others may think that they are better, so they get to have the attention that they want.

  1. Peer pressure

Sometimes teens don’t want to gossip, but do it anyway to fit in with their friends. As seen in the movie Mean Girls, stares by Lindsay Lohan, to be able to fit in, she also did bad things that made her ‘in’ to group, but ‘out’ to her true friends.

  1. Social influence

The behaviour is promoted in mainstream media. In the Philippines, talk shows and celebrity insiders are all over the television, giving a teenager, or a young one to think that it is okay to gossip or judge others because it is also seen on television, or even on the internet.

  1. Parental influence

Teens often do what they see, not what they’re told, according to Shanterra McBride, director of education and programs for the Empower Program in Silver Springs, Maryland, as reported in the “The New York Times” article. She said that if you tell your kid not to gossip, and then come home and complain about your co-workers or dish about your friends, your teen will get the message that it’s perfectly fine to speak one way to someone’s face and another way behind their back. If you don’t want your teen to gossip, you have to provide a good example and zip your lips. (Retrieved from, http://everydaylife.globalpost.com/teenagers-gossip-6314.html)

Here are some notions why people do such thing:

I think it’s in their nature. They judge you because they assume that your attitude is based on your physical features. And people always rely on first impressions before even attempting to get to know you.” –AJ Rafol


Maybe because they don’t have anything to do and they’re just people wasting their time.” –Jema Bueno


They judge me because maybe they see something in me that they don’t like. Or because my presence threatens them” –Juve Amodente


“Maybe sometimes insecure sila or may nakita silang something na sa tingin nila O.A, pero yun pala gusto lang nila nasa kanila yung attention. Sometimes may hidden galit sila sayo pero madalas insecurity; kulang sa pansin lang yun. –Kris Samaniego


“Kasi, siguro dahil sa insecurities. Marami siguro silang naririnig na magandang bagay about you which makes them jealous about it. O kaya may mga tsismis na kumakalat, na narinig lang nila, pinapaniwalaan na agad. Or maybe kasi from the way you look or the way you act.” –Eunice Bartolome


“Because they don’t have a life. Maybe because some people tend to be too judgemental that they only see what they think they already know even without knowing the real story behind it.” –Leigh Acosta


“Somehow, it already becomes a person’s nature to criticize others. They try to seek for what they don’t possess from the people around them and always feel envious about not having that certain thing. It’s deeply rooted to insecurity. They just want what they don’t have and judge those who have what they desire for.” –Mitch Dabu

At the end of the day, what matters is the truth. If you think that you are not doing anything wrong, then ignore them and just let it go. Who knows, one day those people will be shot by their own words. What goes around comes around. Don’t be afraid to show what you got. Love me or hate me, I don’t care, I always have the guts and you don’t.

How about you? What do you think of me? J


Photos from google.com




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