Safe Haven?

IMG_3036  By Clarisse Santos

Where do we go from here?

The news for the past few weeks had been nothing but non-stop killings. Kae Davantes, an advertising executive, was murdered right in front of her house. A family in Angeles, Pampanga was massacred. In Zamboanga, a war between the AFP and MNLF has been going on for who-knows-how-many-weeks.

Nowhere is safe. Not even are own homes are safe. That’s what I’ve come to realize. In addition, it was stated in the Ten Commandments that one shall not kill. But in these scenarios, it seems to me that the sixth commandment is being disregarded.


The world was supposed to be a safe place to live. But what’s happening now? It’s like everywhere we look, it’s a never ending picture of struggle and war.

Is there a safe and decent place still? Where is our safe haven…

Where is your safe haven?

“It is at home with my family.” –Jared Bañares

“It is whenever and wherever I am with my HS friends. I may have found new friends in college, but as we all know, nothing beats the classics and my HS friends are the classics. I fell in love, fell out of love, fell in a deep well of confusion with them but with them is where my safe haven lies” –Eman de Guzman

At home.” –Justine Ponce

When I’m outside, in the park or trails. I feel safe when I’m alone outside.” –Richard John Esguerra


According to, Iceland is the best place to live. With its huge per capita income, Iceland has been deemed to have many accomplishments and sure enough, it’s one wealthy nation.


On the other hand, Damascus in Syria has been said to be the worst place to live in according to, with the never-ending violence and other economic-related issues.

Different persons are we, different perspective we believe in. There will always be those “safe” and “dangerous” places. And frankly, it’s not the surveys and articles which defines the level of safeness of a place. It’s a person’s thinking whether the place is safe enough for him.

Safe haven, also, doesn’t only pertain to a place. It may also mean a certain feeling of safeness. You may feel safe whenever you’re with your friends or family. You may feel safe wandering alone in this world. Safe haven is a state of mind.

A line from a Paramore’s song goes like, “… and found a demon in my safest haven seems like, it’s getting harder to believe in anything.”


Is there still such a thing as safe haven? I asked myself. If so, where is it?


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